1068 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 1Z8



Country Canada



Artist Profile

The six months of stark winter in Western Canada has led me to choose colour as my primary theme. I see vibrant hues where others see greys and browns. I do not paint light falling on objects but rather moving through space with great energy,…floating and flashing, The colour is really the image in the painting. My work intends to evoke fond memories of place and feeling of great joy. Working plein aire or from my own photographs, I compose paintings that are not a recognizable place, but the essence of places I have experienced and the figures moving within a space. Many of my ideas about landscape, water, boats and figures come from my life on Lake of the Woods. I now live six months in a busy city, Naples in Florida and travel internationally to teach. The same images appear with different interpretations. My work always evolves introducing new media, formats and surfaces. I have spent every summer of my adult life on Treaty Island. Our wooden house is surrounded by trees many times its height. I work outside on the deck with no ceiling and no walls. The same trees are there every year creaking and singing in the winds. I am aware that we live with our feet and bodies anchored to the earth. But I am always looking to the sky and wondering what goes on in the heavens. Looking upward and through the spaces it seems that the trees stretch forming a bridge pulling my thoughts upward. These thoughts filling the spaces between the objects create little dramas and poems. Then the dramatic colour takes over in layers and beautiful shapes and there is a painting.

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