1068 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 1Z8



Country Canada

Province  Manitoba


Artist Profile

Sandy GIass has been involvedin the Winnipeg art communitfy or many years,winning numerous awards and teaching workshopsin Mixed Media Collage,Photo Transfer and Watercolour on Yupo paper.I n February of 2013,s he taught a workshop in Encaustics in La Jolla, California.
Her paintings can be found in private collections in Canada,t he United States and Australia, as well as in the Permanent Collection of the Government of Manitoba.


In the same way as archeological digs reveal many layers of history,my art searches for layers of stored memories brings them to the surface and embraces them in the moment.

The joyous and intuitive art process begins with the layering of colours and textures that beck on a response .Shifts occur as colours mix and marks are added.The design of the composition often undergoes a dynamic change. Experimenting with an array of mediums,I tend to work' outside the box" incorporating the little surprises a long the way.

After a passage of time,the compositions look up at me and smile.The artwork is complete. Now the viewer is invited to interpret the meaning of the layers according to their own intuitions. My most recent work is the ancient technique called Encaustic which means" to burn in ".
Using filtered beeswax,resin from tree bark,oil pigments and the application of heat from a heat gun, I build up layers of wax and sometimes in corporate other materials until I am satisfied with my composition. Encaustic is very durable and can be buffed up with a soft cloth to enhance the beauty of the painting.

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