1068 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 1Z8



Country Canada

Province  Manitoba


Artist Profile

Wendy loves working with Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canadian artists who have a passion to support and encourage each other, so that together all artists can achieve excellence and success. Wendy Kroeker (Erhardt) earned her diploma in Applied Arts, design and illustration at Red River Community College. She worked in the advertising industry for several years and then chose to pursue fine art painting. Wendy is an accomplished artist and an experienced instructor in both watercolour, oil, acrylic and mixed media. Wendy is well known and respected for her techniques and teaching skills. She has taught workshops in Winnipeg, throughout Manitoba and Ontario. She taught 6 years at the International Arts and Music Camp in the USA and has also taught workshops in Mexico. Wendy loves to work with interior designers in producing original art that complements the homes they are staging for home shows. She has also produced many custom works of art for private individuals and business offices and continues to do this as an extension of her own expression. Contemplation Wendy knows that throughout the ages artists have greatly influenced the world and have had a powerful ability to change the way people think about their environment, social and personal issues, religion and the quality of life. Because of this, Wendy’s greatest pleasure as both an artist and instructor is to evoke peace, joy and positive thinking through the aesthetics and creativity in her paintings. Wendy believes that even though we live in a world where their is pain and sadness there is still amazing peace and beauty revealed all around by our Creator’s handiwork, as well as by His enduring love and goodness to us through His Son Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior.

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