1068 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 1Z8

van Leeuwen,Mandy


Country Canada

Province  Manitoba


Artist Profile

Whether it’s a three story tribute to a local personality, animal enclosures at the zoo, a magical bedroom for a young child or the perfect playful backdrop to a man cave, each of Mandy’s pieces is a unique and unforgettable work of art. Mandy enjoys the challenges of incorporating windows, angles and other architectural features into a project. She has created murals on a variety of surfaces including brick, stucco, cinder block, crezone board, wood, metal and oversize canvas. Her home city of Winnipeg MB is dotted with public and private projects that stand timeless testament to her creativity and insight. Continually exploring different styles and techniques, her art reachs an ever-higher level of expression. As a result, Mandy has garnered not only local attention but international acclaim. Mandy is open to working in other cities and town.

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