1068 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 1Z8



Country Canada

Province  Manitoba

Website  http://www.larryrich.com

Artist Profile

In the manner of a renaissance person, it's impossible to separate Larry Rich the artist from the musician. The journey began in his childhood copying his favourite cartoon characters as well as writing and illustrating his own books. Learning bass and guitar as a child propelled him through his teen years. Larry Rich after studying Graphic Design at Red River College, he continued exploring art concepts on his own through years of live figure drawing at various art and sketch clubs. These years of "woodshedding" in these basic skills developed his appreciation for the human form and allowed him to hone his craft. His drawing and painting skills became loose and lively as he learned to capture the essence of his subjects. These skills were undeniably influenced and informed by his passionate pursuit of music and eastern studies. These things now all inseparable combining to produce the expressive art he enjoys. Slowly evolving through commercial art and graphics, he gradually arrived at something more personal on canvas. Larry has now been making a living as a full time artist for over 20 years producing literally thousands of pieces in prodigious output for a wide client base. His work is prominently displayed across North America in high-end homes to boardrooms. He has gradually built a very personal and unique presence on canvas in local galleries and it has now expanded to a more national presence as galleries across Canada show his work. Locally, his work has been featured in many forms of media from print to television. One recent journalist interviewed him for a story regarding "making a living as an professional artist". Some of the success Larry has enjoyed over the years he has begun to return to the community. Emerging artists fill his teaching workshops he gives around the province. He donates many pieces to worthy fund raising causes such as Canadian Cancer Society and select theatre groups. Musically, Larry continues to play bass in various formats at "boutique" venues around Winnipeg. His approach to music follows the same lines as his art - very expressive, creative and personal with an emphasis on space, energy, and vitality. His eastern studies have brought him into the study of yoga, which he practices daily for physical and mental well being.

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