1068 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 1Z8



Country Canada

Province  Manitoba


Artist Profile

Karen Robb Artist Statement While others might describe me as a Contemporary Abstract Expressionist, I see myself as an artist whose influences span many different movements; Abstract, Modern, Fauvist, Post-modern and Pop Art. I am perhaps 10% conceptualist but a formalist at heart. I am a Colorist who has undeniably been seduced by the Fauvist ideals and forms. Presently, I am studying the relationship between architectural design, art and the female form. My work can often take an interesting twist, be it through hidden imagery, wild color or humor…I like to create canvases that can remain a conversation piece. I often find myself exploring the interplay between shape, line, form and space; following the path that my paintbrush takes me. When the dance between these elements converge to complete the final image, the end result often surprises me. Nature, everyday objects, daily events and personal stories are all metaphors that converge in my creative mind. Sorting through these thoughts and images, with many a path of heavy paint on a canvas, is a fascinating and rewarding process. My hope is that my art takes people on an unexpected journey, where one can look at the everyday situations in an unexpected way; where perceived space is filled with shapes, color and interest.

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